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My story

It was a long time before I had the courage to call myself an artist.

In my childhood the generally held belief was that you either had “talent” or you didn’t. It applied to art, music, drama and sport. It never applied to mathematics or english which they spent inordinate amounts of time and effort drumming in to us whether we had talent or not!

I couldn’t draw and ergo (in the eyes of my teachers) I couldn’t paint. So I knew I had no talent for art even though I loved it. And thus it remained for 50+ years. Coming up to retirement I was considering what I’d do with my time. As fate would have it I spotted a one day watercolour workshop at a local venue . I thought why not give it a try ( I still had no talent but it might be fun) and  the rest, as they say, is history.

Ten years on and I never tire of this wonderful medium which has a life of it's own. I still love the thrill of putting paint to paper and waiting for the magic to happen as it flows and pools and refuses to conform to my idea of right! Painting in watercolour opened my eyes to a whole new world of textures and colours and drama in the landscape that was just itching to be painted. I found myself longing to be able to draw (I was certain I would never be able to do that,  after all I had no talent). So I set out to learn to draw. How amazing it is to be able to sit in front of a scene or object and make a sketch of it. More recently I’ve joined a life drawing class and, although I have no talent, I absolutely love the challenge of it.

I get my inspiration during my daily walks on Dartmoor with Kara. Walking up there gives my mind space to imagine and explore ideas. Sometimes  in my wandering thoughts a theme will engage me; sometimes it's a subject that appeals; sometimes it's an overlooked corner.

Inspiration exists but it has to catch you working ~ Picasso

PS I don't believe in talent anymore. I'm going to make art anyway!

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